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Acetone Poisoning


Acetone is an organic compound. It is mainly found in the household products like nail polish remover, some cleaning solutions, glues including rubber, cement, and some lacquers. These are poisoning forms of acetone. Poisonous ingredients include Acetone, Di methyl formaldehyde and Di methyl ketone. The effects of acetone poisoning is different in different age groups. The accidental inhalation of the acetone in large amount may not be harmful but small doses is harmful for children. If a person survives for the next 48 hrs after poisoning then the chances of survival is more in them.

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Swallowing of acetone-based substances causes this kind of poisoning.

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Signs & Symptoms

The following symptoms can be seen in the major bodily systems:

  • Cardiovascular system
       Low blood pressure
  • Gastrointestinal system
       Pain in belly area (abdomen)
       Person may have a fruity odor
       Sweet taste in mouth
  • Nervous system
       Acting as if drunk
  • Respiratory system
       Difficulty breathing
       Slowed breathing rate
       Shortness of breath
  • Urinary system
       Increased need to urinate
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Keep children away from substances containing acetone. It is important to keep acetone products like nail polish removar, and all household chemicals in a safe place.

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Oxygen Therapy Modern Medicine

Oxygen may be classified as an element, a gas, as well as a drug. Oxygen therapy is the administration of oxygen at concentrations greater than that in room air to treat or prevent hypoxemia (not enough oxygen in the blood). Drugs like Sodium bicarbonate are used for this process.

Stomach Washing Modern Medicine

Treatments include keep a watch on the body's temperature, blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate.
Stomach washing is a treatment where Gastric suction is used. It is a procedure that empties the contents of the stomach. It may be done for tests or to remove materials such as poisons. Gastric lavage; Stomach pumping and Nasogastric tube suction are also procedures involved in stomach washing. 

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