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Acute Appendictis


A sudden inflammation of the appendix. The appendix is a narrow, small, finger-shaped tube that branches off the large intestine. Appendicitis is one of the most common causes of emergency abdominal surgery in children.  appendicitis is not diagnosed in 100% ofappendectomies. It is more common in males than females and incidence peaks in the late teens and early twenties.Appendicitis is uncommon under age two but can occur.

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Appendicitis generally follows obstruction of the appendix by feces(fecalith), a foreign body, or tumor.Symptoms of appendicitis in young children are seldom classic so diagnosis is commonly delayed and perforation more likely.Older children and adolesents have a more typical presentation.Classic presentation of appendicitis begins with crampy or "colicky" pain around the navel (periumbilical). There is usually amarked loss or total absence of appetite (anorexia) . As the inflammation in the appendix increases the pain tends to movedownward and to the right (right lower quadrant, RLQ) and localizes directly above the position of the appendix at a pointcalled "McBurney's Point". (If a line is drawn from the navel to the prominence on the right pelvic bone (right superior iliaccrest) and divided into thirds, McBurney/s Point is 2/3 away from the navel).The child may be quite tender when the abdomen is pressed at McBurney's Point. When the abdomen is depressed on the leftside, held momentarily, and then rapidly released the child may experience a momentary increase in pain (rebound). This finding suggests inflammation has spread to the peritoneum.If the appendix ruptures the pain may disappear for a short period and the child feels suddenly better. However, within a shortperiod peritonitis sets in, the pain returns, and the child becomes progressively more ill. At this time the abdomen may becomerigid and extremely tender.

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Signs & Symptoms

 abdominal pain- pain may begin in the upper-middle abdomen (epigastric), then develop to sharp localized pain- pain may shift from the epigastric area to become most intense in the lower right side of the abdomen ("typical"presentation), tenderness of this area is common- pain initially may be vague, but getting increasingly more severe- point tenderness- abdominal pain may be worse when walking or coughing- nausea and vomiting- fever usually occurs within several hours- the patient may prefer to lie with knees pulled up to abdomen to relieve muscletension on the abdomenLater symptoms:- fever- loss of appetite- nausea- vomiting- constipation- rectal tenderness- chills and shaking

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Not Preventable

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Appendectomy Modern Medicine

Surgery is performed to remove appendix

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