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Acute Cholecystitis


A sudden inflammation of the gall bladder that causes severe abdominal pain.

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In 90% of cases, acute cholecystitis is caused by the presence of gallstones obstructing the duct leading from the gallbladder.Trauma or previous surgery may be other causes. The trapped bile becomes concentrated and causes irritation and pressurebuild-up in the gallbladder. This can lead to bacterial infection and perforation. The attack often follows a large or fatty meal.Gallstones occur more frequently in women than men, and the incidence increases with age in both sexes. Native Americansand diabetics have a higher incidence of gallstones. The incidence is 2 out of 10,000 people.

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Signs & Symptoms

abdominal fullness, gaseous- abdominal pain- severe- located on the right side (right upper quadrant) or in the upper middle of the abdomen (epigastric)- may subside over 12 to 18 hours in uncomplicated cases- recurrent or with similar pain in past- occurs within minutes following meals- during deep inspiration- radiating to back or below the right shoulder blade (right scapular area)- worsened after eating or drinking greasy (high fat) foods or fluids- fever- nausea- vomiting- jaundice, yellow color of the skin- heartburn- chills and shaking- chest pain under the breastbone.

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Treatment (removal) of gallstones may prevent further attacks of cholecystitis. Reduce fat in the diet if prone to attacks ofcholecytitis.

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Surgery Modern Medicine

Although most cases of cholecystitis resolve on their own, surgery to remove the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) is the usual cure for this disorder.

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