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Anemia is one of the common diseased conditions found in both males and females globally. This is a kind of disorder rather than a disease. Under it, the level of red blood cells detoriate from the normal levels of the body. It is mostly seen to affect the females. There are several types of anemia all depending upon the underlying cause of the disease. Iron deficiency anemia is caused due to lack of sufficient iron in the body. Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia is caused due to poor intake of vitamin B12 in the body. And, folate deficiency anemia may be caused due to lack of sufficient amount of folic acid in the body of the patient. 

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Anemia, a blood disorder, is caused either due to the deficiency of the iron, vitamin B 12 or folic acid. The iron deficiency anemia may also be caused by chronic or excessive blood loss due to trauma. The vitamin B 12 deficiency anemia is caused due to pernicious anemia, certain kinds of intestinal disorder and Crohn’s disease. This disease is often caused due to failure of absorption of the vitamin B12 in the small intestine. Folate deficiency anemia is also called megaloblastic anemia and is often caused due to low serum folate levels.

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Signs & Symptoms

Each of the three kinds of anemia has certain common types of symptoms:-

  • The patient may complain of fatigue.
  • He may feel sleepy most of the time.
  • There is lack of concentration of the work.
  • The patient may suffer from muscle weakness.
  • All these symptoms are due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain and muscles.
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You should take nutritious diet to prevent anemia. Consumption of fruits everyday that may be rich in iron, folic acid or vitamin B12 may also help to prevent this disease.

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Dietary supplements Modern Medicine

The patient may be administered nutritional supplies, pills and tonics to cure anemia. The patient may also be administered blood from outside source in case of massive blood loss due to trauma. The underlying cause for the chronic blood loss must be treated to prevent further anemia and should be teamed with dietary supplements to treat the anemia in the natural way.

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