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Bacterial Gastroenteritis


An inflammation of the stomach and intestines caused by bacteria or bacterial toxins .

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Many different types of bacteria can produce the symptoms associated with bacterialgastroenteritis including Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus, Campylobacter jejuni, Clostridium, E. coli, Yersinia and others.Some sources of the infection are improperly prepared food, reheated meat dishes, seafood, dairy, and bakery products. Eachorganism causes slightly different symptoms but all result in diarrhea. Colitis, inflammation of the colon, may also be present.Risk factors are consumption of improperly prepared foods, contaminated water and travel or residence in areas of poorsanitation. The incidence is 1 out of 1,000 people.Related topics:- salmonella enteritis- shigella enteritis- staph aureus food poisoning- campylobacter enteritis- E. coli enteritis- food poisoning

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Signs & Symptoms

nausea- vomiting- diarrhea- loss of appetite- abdominal pain- abdominal cramps- stools, bloody

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Proper handling, storage, and preparation of food in addition to good sanitation are principles of prevention.

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Antibiotic or Antimicrobial Therapy Modern Medicine

The objective of treatment is to replace fluids and electrolytes (salt and minerals) lost by diarrhea.Antibiotic or antimicrobial therapy is usually not indicated unless systemic involvement is present. Antidiarrheal medications are generally not given because they may prolong the infectious process.Self-care measures to avoid dehydration include drinking electrolyte solutions to replace fluids lost by diarrhea and eating nosolid food until the diarrhea has passed. People with diarrhea who are unable to take oral fluids due to nausea may need medicalattention and intravenous fluids, especially in young children. People taking diuretics need to be cautious with diarrhea andmay need to stop taking the diuretic during the acute episode as directed by the health care provider.

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