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Black Widow Spider


Generally spiders do not cause any harm to the human beings,even spider bite do not cause rupture of skin.There are about 30000 species of the spiders are known out of which only few are known to us.Spiders such as black widow spiders and brown recluse are poisonous.Tarantulas bites are painful. Black widow spider is a medium sized spider.The name so called as the female black widow spider kills her male counterpart just after the mating.Black widow spider generally found in the southern united states.This is generally found in darker areas as it is a nocturnal animal and hence it is active during the night.They are not present in human houses but in unused areas they can be present.Five species of a black widow spider is known out which only two can cause harm:Southern black widow and northern black widow.The two can be esaily differntiated on the basis that SBW has black and shiny abdomen while the NBW has red spots  on the abdomen.She bites humans when her eggs are being disturbed by someone owing to the protection of eggs.

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The bite of a black widow spider causes this condition.

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Signs & Symptoms

Black widow spider affects the Central venous system.This neurotoxin protein is a most dangerous venom among the anaimal.

Acute pain in the area where the spider bites while gradually it progresses to other areas as well like in abdomen, chest pain..

LArge muscles like shoulder muscle and back muscles are also involved.Muscle cramps are there also.

Gradually respiration become affected, faintness, nausea, vomiting,etc

The young ones are effected less than the children and adults

Tachycardia and Hypertension is also present in the victim of back widow spider.

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Prevention from the bite of black widow spider is to avoid accessing to the areas where the fear of biting form it is more like indark areas,etc

After biting, when a patient is taken into ahospital then it should be confirmed that there is availability of antivenin in the hospital

Sensitization from the rattlesnake antivenin can occur if black widow spider antivenin is use to treat.So, physician should discuss life style habits that might affect the person's risk of incurring a snake bite in the future.

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Antidotes Traditional Chinese Medicine

An antidote for neutralizing the effeect of black widow spider is given in severe cases.Antidote is antivenin which is produced by injecting the venom isolated from the black widow spider in horse gradually.The horse then start producing the antivenin in his body which can be used in humans.But this antidote when injected in the blood it can porduce the severe anaphylaxis reaction in the body.So it is better to recommend a testing for its sensitivity.

Narcotics and Muscle Relaxants Modern Medicine

The person who is being bitten by a black widow spider has severe pain.Hence we can rely for some time on the NSAIDs like paracetamol or ibuprofen at home.For such sufferer there should be an immediate medical help.

Narcotics are given to releif pain.In some cases narcotics even can't be helpful 
Muscle relaxants like calcuim glucoronate can provide some relief from the symptoms



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